What’s New With the Asian Longhorn Beetle?

asian longhorn beetleAsian Long Horn Beetle is on the move. Now in Worcester this pest is devastating the city trees. Every one needs to be vigilant in looking for and reporting this pest. If Asian Long Horn Beetle escapes in to the Maple syrup production areas we can say good bye to this treat. The Asian Long Horn Beetle is the most serious pest to hit our shores ever. Familiarize yourself with this pest and report sightings immediately.

Some other insects have been brought in to the authorities that people have mistaken for Asian Long Horn Beetle. (The Pine Sawyer is one of these)

Don’t worry if you are wrong, not everyone is expected to be an entomologist, or have seen this pest as I have. Better a thousand wrong identifications then to let this pest multiply for years, as it did in Brooklyn NY and Worcester, before any one brought it in.

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