All About Bed Bugs

Bed BugBed bugs are now in the news all the time.

I was going to write a blog to filter the bed bug hype from facts, but find this unnecessary. In this case I will just send you to this article about bed bugs that I have read and find to be accurate and informative.

There is a lot of bed bug information on this site so I will just give you a quick few of important snippets here. And if you are dealing with bed bugs and having a hard time getting rid of them then hire some professionals for bed bug removal.

  1. Bed bugs at this time are not known to spread any human diseases.
  2. The best way to deal with the bed bug problem is not to invite them into your home.
    • So when you visit somewhere (such as a hotel) that may have bed bugs keep your clothes, purses, luggage or whatever, off the bed or any other area that may host bed bugs. A closet, or drawer are good places to keep your items.
    • You may want to travel with some large garbage bags and keep your things in them during your stay. Wash or put all cloths that may have been exposed to bed bugs in these bags, shower and put on clean unexposed clothing before returning home.
    • Visitors to your home that may be from infested areas should be made aware that they are to wear and bring only cleanly laundered cloths. Also you may want to keep anything they bring in an area other than a bed room.
  3. The quality and cleanliness of a room do not have any influence on the chances of it harboring Bed bugs.
  4. Bed bugs can only travel to your home if something gives them a lift.
  5. There are no repellents or chemical preventatives at this time for this pest so don’t fall for any sales pitches of these.
  6. Once you have bed bugs in your home they are difficult to get rid of. I usually try to recommend stuff you can do yourself, but in this case I have to say it would be best to use a professional.
  7. One good thing about Bed bugs is that they are the perfect excuse to refuse visits from that crazy relative.

(Crazy relatives don’t be offended; I am one.)

Disclaimer: If and when I send you to a site I am only saying that to the best of my knowledge I find the information accurate and valuable. I am not vouching for the site, nor specifically any of the advertisements on said site.

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