Field Reports: What Problems I am Seeing in NH, ME, and MA

The sun finally popped out and so did the aphids. Other then that I have been getting calls about the jelly like growths on Junipers. They are Cedar Apple Rust fungus and do no damage to Junipers. Junipers, Cedar and Arborvitae are the alternate hosts for this fungus which will then transfer to Apples where it can do damage but is unlikely to kill. Planting alternate hosts of the same fungus or disease should always be avoided.
I have seen a lot of early signs of Red Thread on lawns this week.
Leaf Rollers are present on Hydrangea, if you see leaves stuck together cut them off with the caterpillar inside and get rid of them.

The bug scene is still quite. I expected to be seeing a good deal of Aphids by now, but have seen only a few. Lily leaf beetle have hatched in southern NH, are everywhere and having a good time feasting on Asian Lilies. I have seen some Tent Caterpillars but so far the populations are low.

Still cold and miserable around here and really nothing much is out yet. I saw the first Lily Leaf Beetle of the season in Newburyport MA, and a few aphids.
I checked some Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in Kittery ME., I know this was a small sample and not a scientific study, but it looks like the cold winter killed quite a few, but far from all of these pests.
I was expecting a lot of Pink and Grey Snow Mold on lawns this year but have seen none yet.

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