IPM of New Hampshire offers programs and services tailored to your needs. These may range from set weekly visits to monitor and control pests to calling us only when you have a problem.

What We Do

Services offered include:

  • Insect and disease control. Specializing in invasive species such as Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.
  • Predator management and releases. Predator releases can be helpful, but managing for existing predators is usually a much more successful and long term solution to problems.
  • Fertilizing. We fertilize when we have determined that fertilizing is the proper course of action for a specific problem, however we do try to avoid fertilizing until the cause of the problem has been determined.
  • Root collar excavation. Many sick trees can be traced to root problems caused by poor planting or mulching. Plants that are planted too deep or did not have the wire baskets and/or burlap removed, or were just thrown into the ground without spreading the roots usually develop root problems such as girdling roots that eventually kill them. Air spade root collar excavation is often the easiest and frequently the only method of correcting these problems. You can watch a video of this technique on my YouTube page.
  • Consulting on landscape and construction projects. Pre-, during, and post-construction so you can protect your plants during construction. Many aspects of plant protection are required when construction takes place. Frequently these are neither properly understood nor a concern for the builder whose priority is completing the construction project. I have seen many groups of trees killed by building practices and the damage may not be apparent until many years after the builder is gone.
  • Growing environment modification and management.
  • Any other service to benefit the health of your landscape.
  • We are exited to now offer the first organic Tick control that works.

Plant Health Care

In addition to those services listed above, we also fix problems and perform all landscape activities relating to plant health care. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pruning (including high tree work*)
  • Soil tests and amendments
  • Mulching
  • Cultural Improvements

*High tree work and removal is subcontracted through a company that we have worked with and trust.

Landscape Consulting

Whether you are planning a major renovation or just want a little help with a continuing problem, having good advice and information is valuable. Because we do not design or plant landscapes we can be objective in this area.

We Help You Make Good Choices

We offer management and oversight so projects are planned and completed correctly.

IPM of New Hampshire is fully insured and licensed.